Human Growth Hormone Therapy

What Is Low HGH & Do I Have the Signs of Low HGH Levels?

No one wants to age and we wish we could stay young forever. Many people hitting the middle age mark (close to 40) feel their bodies no longer preforming for them. Even though they exercise, take vitamins, and even eat well, they can feel the effects of aging taking place in their bodies. This could be due to hormone imbalance in your HGH Levels. HGH is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. HGH was discovered a long time ago, however it got little attention until a doctor named Daniel Rudman published the results of his findings in the New England Journal in 1990. In this study, HGH was tested on a group of older men and noted the positive changes in that group versus the test control group that did not receive HGH. This research confirmed that HGH is one of the most viable medically necessary and anti-aging substances known to man. HGH was originally used to treat children with growth deficiencies, but it became quickly realized that elderly people not only needed it, but could greatly benefit from it. Shortly thereafter, it was discovered that middle aged people could get a jump start and heavily benefit from therapy as well.

HGH levels decline much faster than testosterone, and your body produces less HGH much earlier in the aging process. As seen in the chart above, you stop making HGH naturally substantially earlier than testosterone . As a result you are severally deficient at a much younger age. Your HGH levels become so low that this deficiency causes adverse health symptoms that can only be treated with growth hormone replacement therapy.

Where Will You be in 20 Years?

The signs of low HGH and related hormonal issues include:

How Does Oklahoma Men’s Clinic Treat Low HGH?

Do you know that one of the largest growing sectors of our economy is nursing homes, assisting living facilities, and hospice care? Sure, we are living longer now than ever before. However, you may begin to wonder if this is longer than our bodies were designed for. We may have extended our life by decades through science and surgeries, but what about our quality of life? Is there a way to improve the quality of life during the aging process? Tulsa residents, the answer at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic is: Yes. How? Allow us to introduce to you RESTORE: our low level HGH therapy. What is RESTORE? It is just what it sounds like. Our therapy reveres the damage done to your body caused by natural aging.RESTORE will keep you younger and stronger for much longer.The decision you make today will determine the quality of life you have tomorrow.At age 70, do you want to be running a mile or feel like you are running out of time.Learn more about RESTORE low level HGH therapy today. Don’t Hesitate to Call Oklahoma Men’s Clinic and Set up an Appointment Today, We can Help!



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