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When ED Pills Don’t Work Well

Cialis or Levitra provided alone in pill form. These are commonly available from your Doctor or even online. What is not available online or anywhere but your Oklahoma Men’s Clinic is our scientific combination of Sildenafil, Tadalafil and Vardenafil compounded as lozenges for sublingual administration with dosing customized to your specific clinical condition and needs. When we treat Erectile Dysfunction, we treat it with the best modern science gives us. We see patients every day who tried these common ED medications, in one form or another, and they just don’t work well enough for them.

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The Problem with Traditional Pills in ED

A big issue with traditional pills goes to the concentration, quality and, most importantly, the percentage of adsorption. Pills can be compromised by stomach acid, food, alcohol and other digestive effects. The result is the medication is broken down by acids and loses effectiveness and concentration. So, a patient doesn’t really know how much of the medicine actually went into the bloodstream where it can be transported intact to do its work. In fact, you may have the right medication – but it’s not working as the dosage was designed because less of the medicine is actually working for you – and you never knew it. From experience, we know that if we are to tackle ED, we need more power in the treatment punch.

Lozenges are Fast Acting

It’s well known that oral pills for ED take a fair amount of time to take effect – up to an hour or more. Lozenges. On the other hand, it was proven by a study reviewed by Dr. Rugiet that sublingual was vastly preferred by men as it’s very fast absorbing and fast acting – at least twice as fast as pills.  The study says: …our clinical data points out that the sublingual administration of Sildenafil is useful because of the rapid onset unrelated to meals. All the patients were reported to appreciate this method of administration, particularly in the case of unplanned sexual relations.

Why OMC’s ByPass is Different and More Effective

When we treat you, we look at everything and monitor your responses carefully. Most importantly, we want our therapies to work and work well for our patients. So, we make sure to look at the quality of manufacture and method of administration. We call it ByPass because, well, we “bypass” the stomach to get the highest possible concentration of medicine into your bloodstream quickly and you are ready for action! 

We have Sildenafil, Tadalafil and Vardenafil compounded as lozenges for easy and fast sublingual administration. Highest possible quality with fast easy simple administration. Our Physicians will have you try all three and then set a dose or combination that is just right for you. Quality Lozenges require refrigeration to maintain their concentration and fast dissolving action under the tongue. 

We provide you with a troche of all three medications with testing and evaluation procedures. You try each one on different nights and report your results. We find the one that works best. If necessary, our OMC Physicians will increase your dose on the best working solution. If we still don’t get the results you want, then we have 4 other therapies to try, most commonly TriMed, to help you have a better sex life. 

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