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IV Drip Vitamin Infusion

IV Nutrient Therapy: $99

[Package of 5 for $495] –
Lowest Prices in Town!

Erectile Disorder

  • COUPLES: For his partner- FREE Exam, Labs and Test Dose of Awaken for Women who accompany their man on his paid appointment. Try this amazing female libido energizer – our advanced version of Bremelanotide!
  • TRIMED: Ask for our FREE Test Dose of TRIMED – which works 99.7% of the time to generate erections!
  • PROLIFIC SHOCKWAVE: We have the LOWEST PRICES for ACOUSTIC SHOCKWAVE in town – don’t pay more – let us show you!
  • BYPASS: Proprietary Sublingual ED BYPASS customizedmedication now available for faster, improved absorption!
  • EVERLAST: Quick on the Trigger? Try our take home Test Dose of EVERLAST for FREE with an Office Visit! 

Weight Loss

  • ENERGY SHOTS: Try our new $75 FAT BURNING ENERGY SHOT for FREE when you purchase ANY Package! 
  • GET CONTROL: Ask about CONTROL and get discounts on ENERGY SHOT Packages!


  • ENERGY UPGRADE: Try CONTROL or TESTOSTERONE and get major discounts on our FAT BURNING ENERGY SHOT Packages!
  • BOOSTER UPGRADE: Looking for a major UPGRADE for TESTOSTERONE – Try our special Advanced and Injectable DHEA GOLD LIBIDO ENERGIZER! 
  • HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE: HGH available for stand-alone administration or as an upgrade to many packages.

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