Fatigue Decreased Energy Levels

Fatigue in Oklahoma City, OK

As men age the commonly ask the question “Why am I so tired?” Chronic fatigue is often caused by one or a combination of Low Testosterone or Low HGH levels. When a man continually gets less done at work, falls asleep after dinner, or have a feeling of exhaustion during the day, this is easily identified as a symptom of Andropause (Low Testosterone or Low T) or a deficiency in his levels of HGH (Low HGH). At our Oklahoma Men’s Clinics in Oklahoma City, HGH therapy can be used to help you through this stage of your life and get you back on track.

Causes of Fatigue in men

Your level of Testosterone and HGH can become a large reason why you are so tired. Low T and Low HGH can induce sleep apnea, not sweats, and insomnia which are both key issues in male fatigue. Because you are up half the night or don’t ever get into a deep sleep, you never get the required 6-9 hours of sleep needed. This leads to irritability, extreme diminished motivation, and irritability. We see in our Oklahoma City patients with Low T or Human Growth Hormone, they often experience weight gain, which produces a less energetic and sluggish man. The combination of these symptoms can be a major reason you are experiencing physical exhaustion. If you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated it is usually due to high Cortisol levels caused by stress. This stress leads to low energy and makes you even more tired. It has been said many times we are what we eat, and this is nonetheless true as it pertains to energy. Because you derive your energy from good fat and carbs, you must maintain a diet that is pro energy. Even though we always feel tired after a good workout, usually shortly after you will notice a surge of energy, so exercise can be a key component to increasing energy. Even if it is only a brisk 20-minute walk per day, exercise can increase your energy levels.

Treatment for Fatigue in men

At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic in Oklahoma City, chronic fatigue is treated first by identifying your need for either our Vitality Blended Testosterone Hormone Therapy or our Restore Low-Level HGH Therapy. By using state of the art testing and our provider evaluation, we will recommend the best therapy for you. Our goal is to restore you to the man you used to be, and in some cases even better. Remember you do not have to live with chronic fatigue because we have customized plans of actions and therapies that are as individual as you are. Contact Oklahoma Men’s Clinic today to learn more about improving your energy levels, and your overall wellness.

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