Female Pellet Therapy

At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic in Oklahoma City, OK, we’re aware that hormone deficiencies of any degree can affect men and women and negatively affect relationships. For that reason, we offer pellet therapy for both men and women. This form of BHRT ( Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy) allows patients to fight the aging process and balance their hormones, whatever their age or life stage.

Pellet Therapy

Many practitioners administer hormone pellets to men and women simply to address sex hormone deficiencies. However, the hormonal system is extremely sensitive, and all your hormones affect each other. We set our practice apart based on how we address hormonal imbalances in our patients.

We treat patients comprehensively, considering how all of their hormones interact and then designing a treatment with the proper dosage to ensure global stability in the body. We will consider different factors, including optimal thyroid balancing, adrenal health, the hormonal effects of the stress response, insulin and blood sugar control, weight management, and human growth hormones for anti-aging.

BHRT: A Natural Way to Balance the Hormones

BHRT provides men and women with a safe method to treat hormone deficiencies and alleviate the most common symptoms associated with an imbalance. Bioidentical hormones are sourced from nature, so you can rest assured that those used during your treatment won’t cause adverse reactions like the synthetic hormones of the past but will only benefit and balance your body.

What Is Pellet Therapy?

Pellet therapy is a form of BHRT, also referred to as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. This treatment provides an effective solution for men and women with hormone deficiencies who want a simple yet effective treatment method that doesn’t require regular maintenance on their part. Hormone pellets provide an effective way to balance hormones because they immediately begin giving your body what it needs to achieve balance so that you don’t have to monitor or administer hormones yourself constantly.

We offer different pellets for men and women, including testosterone pellets, estradiol, and progesterone therapy with specialized injections. This treatment process doesn’t have the inconsistency of other BHRT treatment methods, including patches, creams, gels, and oral hormones, making it an effective solution for men and women in different life stages.

How Does It Work?

Our treatment process begins with an initial consultation. We run comprehensive labs to check your hormone levels for any deficiencies, as well as your general wellness. We will consider all your hormone levels and design a treatment plan with hormone pellets to ensure you achieve and maintain balance long-term.

On the day of your appointment, we will sanitize the insertion area and then make a tiny, nearly invisible incision into the fatty tissue where we will place the hormone pellet. The incision will be closed with a dissolvable suture and then covered with a bandage. As soon as the pellet is inserted and absorbed by the bloodstream, it will begin giving your body a steady stream of the hormones it’s been missing.

Is There Downtime?

After we insert your pellet, you won’t have to plan on downtime, but you will have to follow some post-care instructions. We advise patients to avoid getting the pellet insertion site wet. You can shower after 24 hours, but baths, swimming, or anything else that would soak the site for a prolonged period should be avoided for the first few days.

We also advise patients to avoid lower body workouts for the first few days to avoid disrupting the pellet. Walking is fine, but any heavy lifting that requires squatting, lunges, or other lower-body exercises should be temporarily discontinued. Upper-body workouts are acceptable so long as they don’t stretch or impact the tissue.

When Will I Feel the Treatment Effects?

Some patients begin to feel the effects of balanced hormones within the first few days; for others, it may take a few weeks. Results vary among patients based on their pellet dosage and efficiency. When we design your treatment plan and give you more details about your pellet dosage, we can tell you what to expect and how soon you should plan on noticing an improvement in your symptoms related to your hormone deficiency.

How Long Will the Pellet Balance My Hormones?

Once you begin the treatment process and feel the effects of balanced hormones, you can enjoy all the benefits of a stable hormonal system for three to six months. Some patients require follow-up insertion appointments sooner than others because their bodies use the hormones in the pellet faster. Exercising and periods of high stress will cause the body to absorb the pellet hormones faster.

Our follow-up bloodwork appointments enable us to monitor your hormone levels to know when to schedule treatments to ensure that your body receives a steady stream of hormones.

Who Is a Candidate?

Whether you’ve never experienced pellet therapy or any form of BHRT before, or you have and weren’t happy with your particular treatment method and the results, you may be a good candidate for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with hormone pellets. Men and women of different ages and life stages make good candidates for this unique treatment.

Specifically, those suffering from hormonal deficiencies due to aging, particularly perimenopause, menopause, and andropause, can benefit from a customized treatment plan with hormone pellets. These pellets won’t just alleviate symptoms but will deliver anti-aging benefits that will positively impact the body and daily life in different ways.

When Age Isn’t a Factor

Patients suffering from a hormone deficiency not necessarily due to the aging process may also qualify for this treatment process and benefit from the steady stream of hormones that pellets deliver to the body. An initial consultation allows us to evaluate your symptoms, test your hormones, and move forward with the treatment process if it’s the right choice for you.

Restore Balance to Your Body and Your Life

Don’t let your hormonal deficiency define your relationship, daily life, or quality of life. With pellet therapy, we can give your body exactly what it needs to achieve hormonal stability and balance in the most comprehensive way possible.


Schedule your appointment to begin your journey to a healthier, happier life. Oklahoma Men’s Clinic will run lab work and our physicians do a thorough evaluation you see where you are. 


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