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, Is There a Difference Between Growth Hormone and Testosterone??

Lots of people think that these HGH and Testosterone can be used alternately because they seem to do a lot of the same things when prescribed by an Oklahoma Men’s Clinic Provider. Is there a difference between GH and testosterone, and which one should I be using? Should I be using both types of treatment? Many of the symptoms HGH deficiency and Low T are often similar, however there are some substantial differences that need to be discussed with your Oklahoma Men’s Clinic Provider.

If we assume a diagnosis of low HGH or Testosterone is made, the difference in the two treatments is Low Level HGH Therapy will always be in the form of an subcutaneous injection taken on a daily basis. Our Provider will prescribe the accurate dose of HGH omnitrope injection in Tulsa or Oklahoma City​to stabilize the level of this important Hormone in your body with the goal of getting it back to where it was during your prime. Traditionally this level is considered the same as someone in their twenties. By RESTORING your levels to this state you will receive the maximum benefit from the therapy. Low Testosterone treatment or therapy is also given as an intramuscular injection weekly . Low testosterone therapy is a continuous therapy, that once low, will never truly be repaired. Most men remain on this therapy for the remainder of their life. HGH therapy typically is given either 3 months on – 3 month off or 6 months on – 6 months off. The reason is that HGH levels will remain elevated for months after they have been restored. Oklahoma Men’s Clinic will test these levels to ensure the best therapy. There are times when a person may have reached a point where their body requires a dual approach to the replenishing of these critical hormone levels. Oklahoma Men’s Clinic can help determine the right approach for you.

What is Omnitrope?

This is the brand name for the pharmaceutical product of HGH human growth hormone that is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Sandoz. Our Oklahoma City and Tulsa omnitrope injections are​ produced in their plant, in Austria and meets both their and the FDA’s high standards of quality and purity.

What is Omnitrope HGH Used For?

Years ago HGH was used exclusively for children with slow development issues; do to advances in modern medicine Omnitrope HGH is now used for adult therapies. Just like the stimulation in growth of children, an important fact to remember is that growth relies upon the production of new cells which feed muscle, bone, and internal organ development. This same hormone continues to maintain the strength bones, muscles, and organs throughout a person’s life. When a decrease in the levels of HGH lower, shrinkage and decline in these crucial areas of the body will take place as well. This will then affect how efficiently the heart beats and pushes blood through the body, how well your cognitive brain functions, whether or not a person will be more likely to acquire osteoporosis and fractures, and how well the internal organs will preform. By increasing the HGH level to its optimal state, with the help of Omnitrope HGH, it can make the difference between a person with a high vibrant quality of life, and one can only bear to sit in there easy chair, push the remote buttons on their TV, and watch life go by. Our Omnitrope HGH injections in Oklahoma City and Tulsa are formulated to be identical to the natural hormone in your body so that it is immediately used in the same manner

Does Omnitrope HGH Work?

It truly is amazing to when you realize how far medical science progressed over the last 100 years. Continual advances in science and medicine have extended the average life expectancy from around fifty years to over eight years. More people are living past 100 years of age today than ever before. So the answer is absolutely YES! With Omnitrope HGH we can make those years better. By improving the area’s that rely upon growth hormone production being maintained at the proper level such as immunity, metabolism, muscle tone, bone density strength, collagen to keep the skin supple and firm, the hair strong and thick, and finger and toe nails strong. By RESTORING this diminishing hormone with Omnitrope HGH bio identical injections, we can ensure that the metabolism processes the lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins consumed on a daily basis for fuel, rather than for fat.



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