Memory Loss

Is Memory Loss a problem?

Everyone forgets a name or a date from time to time, but what if it starts to happen often and repeatedly? Low Testosterone and HGH levels have been shown to have a direct relationship to a man’s cognitive health. The Alzheimer’s Association claims that men with low HGH and Testosterone levels are at greater risk of developing the disease. It is well documented that low hormone levels can cause fogginess, difficulty concentrating, and memory loss. Starting as early as 30 years old, and then a progression through the sixties is a common symptom of low testosterone and Human Growth hormone deficiencies. Thousands of men suffer in this way for no reason, because it can easily be identified and treated with our Oklahoma City memory loss hormone therapy.

What causes Memory Loss

In our youth testosterone and HGH levels control cortisol levels in our body which directly affect the neurotransmitters (communication chemical) in our bodies. As these levels decrease there is a neurotransmitter malfunction, causing memory loss, fogginess, and concentration issues.

The Solution

At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we first identify your need for either Our Vitality Blended Testosterone Hormone Therapy or our Restore Low-Level HGH Therapy. By using state of the art testing and our provider evaluation, we will recommend the best therapy for you. Our goal with our Oklahoma City memory loss hormone therapy is to restore you to the man you used to be, and in some cases even better. Remember you do not have to live with memory loss or concentration issues because we have customized plans of actions and therapies that are as individual as you are. Contact Oklahoma Men’s Clinic today to learn more about improving your cognitive well-being, and your overall wellness with our Oklahoma City memory loss hormone therapy.

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