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Welcome to a new kind of medical practice. Founded in 2015, Oklahoma Men’s Clinic (OMC) is managed by an elite group of professionals that truly strives for medical excellence, providing the best possible service and results. You shouldn’t settle for less, and neither do we.

Over 10,000 patients in Oklahoma have chosen the OMC to recreate, enhance and optimize their sexual wellness and overall well-being with truly effective cutting edge medical solutions that work when traditional methods fail. Our understanding and highly trained physicians help to restore your control over your health destiny with customized solutions tailor made for your specific needs.

We developed state of the art leading edge protocols, combined with a complete lab work up, a thorough physical assessment and highly effective medical treatments to enable your body to restore the health and performance you once had… and make it even better.

Together, we will tackle and defeat erectile and sexual dysfunction, low testosterone, hormonal imbalance, poor mental and physical performance, and weight gain to enable you to live a whole new and energetic life…with a new positive confidence to enhance your relationships, enabling you to be at your best for your career, family and to reach the happiness in life you seek.

We do this together…you are not alone…and you see results instantly in almost all cases! Go ahead and make that appointment…call us for a free consultation to learn more!

Making First Contact – Taking that First Step

First and foremost, we know that most men have been having issues for two years or more before they seek our advanced specialists for professional help. Perhaps you have heard the new ads for some time, maybe checked this website and now decided it’s time to get “checked out.” We also know why men worry about this and we train our staff to be very sensitive to all of our patient’s private concerns. You called our Treatment Counselor and discussed your situation and…

You made an Appointment – Now What Happens?

So, you step out of the car, walk in and you open the door to the clinic. Then:

You’ll see our Founder, Dr John Robinson explaining our services in short 2-minute videos on a large screen TV. Refreshments are available. You’ll notice our affinity for sports everywhere!

Next You are Welcomed In

You’ll be warmly greeted by our trained staff and asked to complete a medical history and consent forms like any medical practice.

Comprehensive Testing

Then you will be escorted to Patient Intake. Where a friendly Medical Assistant will take your vital signs, draw our advanced bloodwork and perform a sophisticated InBody Body Mass Index Analysis. The BMI is painless and you do not disrobe. You will remove your shoes and socks and then stand on the InBody machine and hold the handles. You will feel a slight vibration as “impedance” does its work. If you have a pacemaker, you will not use this machine.

Convenient Labs Available On-Site – Results in 24 Hours

We are very thorough and test for everything that could be affecting your condition and energy. It’s always all included – you never pay extra when you become our patient through a treatment plan. We do it all on site so you don’t have to go somewhere else for labs.

In Depth Physician Evaluation and
Treatment Plan Recommendations

You will then be escorted to a treatment room to meet one of our Licensed Physicians. They will review your medical history, do a physical exam, review your medications, BMI report and conduct a painless ultrasound to check the circulation in your penis. 

Our Physician Specialist will then review the best treatment options for you. In many, if not most cases, you can begin treatment right then and there and be on your way to a better sex life or higher energy with hormone replacement therapy or engage a medically supervised weight loss effort.

Treatment Programs Made Easy as 1-2 3

Then our Treatment Program Director will go over the many options we have and collect payment or arrange for financing. We do not bill insurance and most carriers do not cover our treatment programs but we also have in house financing available as well as other financing options. All credit cards accepted as nearly 90% of our patients choose the credit card option.

First Visit Treatment

When you fully understand your test results and have reviewed your comprehensive medical plan with your doctor, we believe in providing the option to get started towards your goals right away with the plan you have selected.

With finances handled, you can begin treatment and/or receive procedures right then! If medications are part of your customized treatment plan, they will be prepared and given to you before you leave. Our medications are unique and specially compounded by elite compound pharmacies and are only available at our clinic. You cannot buy them online or at any pharmacy or other medical practice.

On Your way to a Happier Life!

Our friendly staff will then set your follow up appointment, which is now required for most patients, to review your lab results and check on the treatment progress. Once you pay an office visit the first time, we never charge you again for exams and labs when you buy a treatment program.

That’s it…as thousands of men before you have experience, it’s as easy as 1-2-3…and you are on your way to a better life!

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