Loss of Libido

Low Sex Drive in Men: Testosterone and Libido in Oklahoma City, OK

Men who have low testosterone levels (Low T), as well as men with low Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels will notice a loss of their natural sex drive. Low T and HGH can also be a contributing factor in one’s ability to achieve an erection. There are nerves in the brain which are responsive to one’s testosterone and HGH levels. These levels signal the brain causing an increase in their libido and allowing the release of Nitric Oxide which is important in increasing the blood flow causing a strong male erection. Low T and Low HGH levels are a key factor to consider if you suffer from a lack of your normal sex drive, or are having a more difficult time achieving an erection that is full and satisfactory.

What else causes low sex drive?

How a man lives his life can dramatically affect how interested he is about sex. Nutrition (what you eat), Fitness (how much you exercise), smoking, and drinking all can affect a man’s sexual desire. Eating a healthy diet to include fruits and vegetables that are high in nitric oxide can relieve the lack of sexual desire and aid in stronger erections. Regular exercise, even if it is just a 20-minute brisk walk a day, can add to a man’s circulation and overall health and wellness. Smoking and drinking should be done in moderation, an excess can, in fact, lower your circulation, and overall mental health. A man’s estrogen level or estradiol can affect the level of sexual desire. Estradiol is a female like hormone that can block the receptors, thus minimizing the male sexual prowess.

The solution

At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we first identify your need for our Oklahoma City low libido treatments. By using state of the art testing and our provider evaluation, we will recommend the best therapy for you. Our goal at Oklahoma Men’s Clinic is to restore you to the man you used to be, and in some cases even better. Remember you do not have to live with these symptoms because we have customized plans of actions and therapies that are as individual as you are. Contact Oklahoma Men’s Clinic today to learn more about our Oklahoma City low libido treatments.

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