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Hormone Replacement and Wellness Services for Women


Awaken is a specialized Peptide called bremelanotide. At OMC, we are committed to providing the most cutting edge scientific advances in hormone replacement therapy and overall wellness. Peptides are an integral part of that commitment. Proven effective in multiple clinical trials, this unique solution is specially compounded for our patients. In certain cases, if your OMC physician agrees, men can use Awaken as well.

With the finest needle available on the market, she self-administers a simple and painless injection just 45 minutes before intimacy, with results lasting for days, needing only two simple injections a week. Awaken is designed to treat women with what’s known as generalized hypoactive sexual desire disorder [HSDD]. It means she once had desire but lost it for a variety of no-fault reasons. Usually that means her desire has not improved no matter the stimulation, sexual activity, situation or partner. Unlike other therapies that focus on the vascular system, Awaken works by directing impacting the nervous system. Our physicians will be happy to cover the details in person.
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Pellet Therapy

As more and more couples have approached us this year, women began to ask us to offer BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy [BHRT]. So we now offer estradiol, testosterone pellet therapy with special progesterone preparation and injections.

BHRT can help with many signs and symptoms associated with menopause, perimenopause, low testosterone, and aging. With Hormone Pellet Therapy, the relief of symptoms can be extremely profound because of the quick and constant hormone delivery the body experiences. Very often, patients have experienced the inconsistencies associated with creams, gels, patches and oral hormones, without complete relief. Hormone Pellet Therapy often quickly changes that.

Hormone Pellet Therapy is often used by physicians and other “pellet practices” to treat sex hormone deficiencies without considering a comprehensive and global view of ALL the hormone systems, such as optimal thyroid balancing, adrenal health and the hormonal effects of the stress response, insulin and blood sugar control and weight management, and the powerfully effective Human Growth Hormone for anti-aging. At the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we consider how all of your various hormones interact and influence the other, leading to the best outcomes and results for Hormone Pellet Therapy.

The Amazing Orgasm “O Shot!”

This summer the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic will also begin to offer O shots for women to help improve the couple’s total sex life. Nearly one in 20 women have issues with orgasm and another one in 20 experience arousal disorders we can help with solutions that have been successfully used for thousands women for over a decade. With aging, certain outcomes are inevitable. Most women report vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence or a lowered libido as they grow older. If this is you, we have great news! O shots really work!

The procedure utilizes growth factors extracted from a sample of your own blood, stimulating new tissue growth within the clitoris and vagina. This process utilizes PRP, or platelet rich plasma, a nutrient-rich portion of your own blood that acts as a natural growth factor, which makes the o-shot safe and natural. With proper local anesthesia, patients report no pain or minor discomfort. The procedure itself takes only about a minute.


There are many benefits of O-Shot therapy – patients have reported some of all of the following :
  • Increased libido and sexual desire
  • Increased clitoral and vaginal sensitivity
  • Stronger, more intense, and more frequent orgasms
  • Decreased urinary incontinence
  • Increased vaginal lubrication
  • Decreased painful intercourse (dyspareunia)
  • Increased ability to experience vaginal orgasm (g-spot orgasm)
  • Improved skin on the vulva
  • Treatment option for lichen sclerosis
  • BONUS: tighter vaginal opening & more youthful appearance
Bring your partner in with you and let’s get your sex life back on track!

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