Awaken Treatment for Low Libido

At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic in Oklahoma City, OK, we offer a treatment called Awaken that uses a natural peptide called bremelanotide to improve sexual health and, in doing so, enhance the lives and relationships of couples. Although specifically designed for women, it can also be used to treat men to improve libido, pending physician approval.


Awaken is a self-administered peptide solution that contains bremelanotide. This peptide has been proven effective in multiple clinical trials and can help women and, in some cases, men increase libido and achieve lasting results. Bremelanotide is one of many different peptides that can safely deliver anti-aging benefits through a quick and virtually painless injection process.

Peptides are small chains of amino acids. Different peptides have unique benefits, including muscle building, weight loss, fat reduction, and wrinkle reduction, among other anti-aging benefits. The particular peptide in Awaken is specifically designed to treat women suffering from low libido.

An Effective Solution for HSDD

Awaken is an effective solution for women suffering from HSDD, also known as generalized hypoactive sexual desire disorder. This condition affects many women who have once experienced sexual desire, but that desire has diminished over time for a variety of reasons that are out of their control. Regardless of the stimulation, situation, sexual activity, or partner, sexual desire does not change or improve.

This treatment can treat and correct HSDD in women by affecting the nervous system to promote increased libido. Other therapies that attempt to resolve this condition treat the vascular system, but this peptide provides an effective way to promote and improve sexual health in women through nervous system stimulation.

The Treatment’s Extra Benefits

Not only is Awaken an effective solution for women suffering from HSDD and other symptoms related to low libido, but it also has some extra benefits. Bremelanotide has also been shown to deliver other benefits aside from its aphrodisiac effects, including noticeable stress reduction and improved mood.

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How the Treatment Process Works

Once we confirm that Awaken is right for you, we can move forward with the treatment process. Each Awaken injectable is fitted with the finest needle available on the market. Women eligible for this treatment will self-administer the solution with quick, simple, and painless injections 45 minutes before intimacy.

One injection can deliver results that last for days, and the treatment will only need to be administered no more than twice per week. Consult with our physician for your specific dosage. If you’ve never administered an injection before, we can show you how to perform the treatment in the office so that you feel confident doing it yourself at home. After your first injection, you’ll quickly become an expert once you understand just how simple and easy the process really is.

Am I a Candidate?

Whether you are officially suffering from HSDD or think that you may be affected by this condition, you may be a good candidate for this treatment. If you’re interested in beginning treatment with this injectable peptide, we can schedule a consultation at our office to review your medical history and your symptoms so that we can create a treatment plan it’s right for you.

Then, we can begin the treatment process so you can experience all of its benefits. Women who suffer from the following symptoms make the best candidates for this treatment:

  • Low libido
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Significantly decreased sexual drive
  • Decreased ability or inability to orgasm

Is It Safe?

Peptides made for injectable form are identical to the peptides your body creates naturally. As your body ages, it produces fewer peptides. Still, by injecting these natural solutions back into the body, we can address some of the most common symptoms of the aging process and even reverse these conditions.

With this injectable treatment, we can safely treat and correct HSDD and help improve the quality of your life by promoting sexual health and wellness in a completely natural way. After your initial treatment, you won’t halve to regularly attend visits but instead can self-administer the treatment as directed and enjoy all the benefits that come with increased libido.

Customizing Your Treatment Plan With Other Therapies

If you’re suffering from low libido and want to improve your sexual health and relationship, Awaken can make all the difference in your sex drive, especially if you suffer from HSDD. At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we offer different treatments designed to help women reclaim sexual health and hormonal balance.

When Age Isn’t a Factor

Patients suffering from a hormone deficiency not necessarily due to the aging process may also qualify for this treatment process and benefit from the steady stream of hormones that pellets deliver to the body. An initial consultation allows us to evaluate your symptoms, test your hormones, and move forward with the treatment process if it’s the right choice for you.

Pellet Therapy and the O-Shot

We offer other sexual wellness treatments, including the O-Shot, an injectable that uses platelet-rich plasma to naturally improve blood flow to the vaginal tissue and clitoris to enhance sexual health and reduce certain unpleasant symptoms. We also offer pellet therapy to help eliminate the symptoms of the aging process that result from a decline in natural hormone levels.

If you’re suffering from any of the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance or want to experience the O-Shot to enhance sexual health, we can create a comprehensive treatment plan with one or multiple treatment options to help you achieve your desired results.

Creating Your Treatment Plan

Once you make your appointment, you can expect a confidential and comprehensive treatment process. Depending on your desired treatment, we may perform comprehensive testing before treatment. We offer convenient labs available on-site that deliver results within 24 hours.

Then, we can move forward with the treatment process, and you can receive your in-depth physician evaluation and treatment plan recommendation. Our goal is to improve your sexual health and, in doing so, your relationship with your partner so that you can experience a fulfilling sex life.

Experience the Treatment Benefits of the Bremelanotide Peptide

The bremelanotide peptide can significantly improve female libido and sexual wellness. While we primarily treat men at our location, we also offer different sexual wellness treatments for women that deliver incredible results. You’ll receive a free test sample of Awaken simply by accompanying your man to our clinic so that you can experience the benefits for yourself.

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