Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone refers to any situation in which the body’s levels of the testosterone hormone fall below the range of levels considered by the medical community to be “normal.” Low Testosterone, or Low T, can be the cause of health and sexual problems, but it can also be the result of other health issues or treatments. Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone that is most prevalent in men. It helps regulate and control a variety of sexual functions, but also contributes to muscle and bone strength. Thus, while Low Testosterone can lead to a variety of sexual problems, it also has implications for men’s total health.

Our licensed and experienced physicians and providers stand ready to examine your testosterone levels and evaluate if certain treatments might restore these levels for peak virility. As mentioned before, while testosterone levels are frequently checked in blood tests, the results are compared to a large range of what is “normal” for men of your age. However, what is normal for one man, may be low for another. The Oklahoma Men’s Clinic will conduct testing to get the answers you need. If you do have Low T, we will find the treatment that works for you. In many cases, restored testosterone levels often lead to a fuller, more vigorous experience of day to day life.

What Is Low T & Do I Have the Signs?

The signs of low testosterone and related hormonal issues include:

How Does Oklahoma Men’s Clinic Treat Low T?

Most Low T clinics simply fill your tank with Testosterone, but what good is having a full tank if your fuel line is not hooked up? Vitality blended testosterone replacement therapy is a process of identifying the underlying problems by specific testing, total hormone therapy, and thus delivering the results our patients desire. Our Physicians and Providers will give you a comprehensive evaluation, examination, and explain exactly what is the right path to take. Oklahoma men’s Clinic offers you so much more than the other so called Low T clinics. Let our staff re-attach your fuel line and get you back to the man you used to be.

What Causes Low T?

In standard blood tests, testosterone levels are frequently measured and compared against what is considered “normal” in men. These standards are derived from men’s peers of similar age. Unfortunately, men who receive evaluations may be told they fall within a “normal” range but still suffer common symptoms of Low T. They might not realize there is a treatment for these Low T since they believe after an exam from their doctor, their hormone levels are fine. The picture to the left shows that as you age your testosterone drops at increasingly quicker rates. Most men suffering from Low T may ask, “Is there a clinic near me that provides treatment?” The answer is yes. Our experienced and highly skilled providers at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic are ready to provide you with researched and proven medical advice for Low T that you can count on.



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