Irritable Male Syndrome: What to Know About Mood Swings in Men

Irritable Male Syndrome

Most people associate mood swings with hormonal fluctuations in women, but men also deal with sudden changes in mood that hormones cause. This is irritable male syndrome.   Irritable male syndrome is a condition that affects men with low testosterone levels and can create relationship issues as well as other health concerns. Learn more about mood […]

What Is InBody Medical Weight Loss?

InBody Weight Loss

Are you having trouble dropping unwanted body fat? Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough to help you get in your best shape. Everyone’s body is unique and has different needs. When it comes to losing weight, your body may be storing excess fat in certain areas due to underlying conditions, inadequate diet, or incorrect workouts. […]

Heat Up the Bedroom Again with Erectile Dysfunction Treatment


You can rest assured that you will receive the best medical advice from our skilled professionals. You never have to feel intimidated or embarrassed by erectile dysfunction treatment. Our team has extensive experience working with patients who suffer from this condition.  We let you guide your treatment based on our sound recommendations and your knowledge. […]

Why Men Experience Chronic Fatigue as They Get Older

As you approach your 40s and 50s, you may notice that you have less energy than before. You may feel tired, drained, and unable to lead the active lifestyle you want.  Your daily exercise, work productivity, and sexual performance all take a hit from being chronically fatigued. What gives? Why do so many men experience […]

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