What Is InBody Medical Weight Loss?

Are you having trouble dropping unwanted body fat? Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough to help you get in your best shape. Everyone’s body is unique and has different needs. When it comes to losing weight, your body may be storing excess fat in certain areas due to underlying conditions, inadequate diet, or incorrect workouts.

To lose weight more efficiently, a treatment like InBody can help. InBody is a medical weight loss system that analyzes your body fat composition and helps guide you through a diet and exercise plan that meets your specific needs. 

Oklahoma Men’s Clinic in Oklahoma City, OK, provides InBody treatment for clients looking to improve their health and get in better shape. Read on to learn more about the InBody system.

What Is InBody?

Many people are under the misconception that weight loss is as straightforward as eating less and exercising more. The reality is that everyone has different dietary needs and requires a specific amount of exercise according to their body’s makeup. 

Your body has its own needs based on fat mass, muscle mass, and other factors. These things can impact your dietary needs and determine which exercises are right for you.

InBody is a comprehensive medical weight loss analysis system. The InBody device obtains information about your body to provide an in-depth analysis of its composition. The innovative InBody scanner uses the following information to create your customized analysis:

  • Body weight
  • Height
  • Muscle mass
  • Fat mass
  • Water levels

InBody combines all of this information to put together a unique body composition report that includes your body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, BMR, mineral breakdown, and water levels. 

Your report is even broken down by each area of the body, giving you a detailed analysis of your torso, as well as each arm and leg. This information can be used to guide you toward achieving healthier, longer-lasting weight loss.

In addition to providing an in-depth initial assessment, the InBody system keeps track of all of your measurements and reports throughout your weight loss journey. 

Having a detailed track record of your body composition will help you understand trends or patterns in your weight loss, which will, in turn, help you make any necessary amendments to your diet and exercise routine as you continue to get in better shape.

How Does InBody Work?

The InBody system is an advanced medical weight loss device that scans your entire body to obtain vital health and fitness information. When you arrive for an InBody session, you will step onto the attached scale and the machine will calculate your body weight. 

You will need to grip the extended handrails that are attached to the InBody device, with your palms and fingers wrapped firmly around the handpiece. The InBody machine will then send multiple mild electrical currents through your hands, legs, and torso to get precise body measurements. This portion is called the bioelectrical impedance analysis. 

The currents delivered by the InBody device are so mild that clients do not feel anything during this portion of the process. The purpose of the currents is to obtain vital information from your limbs and torso to put together a detailed report on your body’s specific composition. 

The currents send information back to the InBody device, including your water and mineral levels, fat mass, and muscle mass.

Once InBody has obtained all of the necessary measurements and information, it can begin putting together your complete analysis report. The InBody device can obtain up to six different impedance readings to create the most detailed report possible. 

Your finished body composition analysis will include a detailed breakdown of the muscle mass, water weight, and fat percentage in each of the four limbs and your torso.

Why Is an InBody Report Essential in Medical Weight Loss?

InBody is an important part of your medical weight loss journey because it helps determine your body’s specific needs. 

With the complete analysis from your InBody testing, you will have the most personal, customized information on your body’s unique makeup. You will know if you’re in need of certain minerals or more hydration. You can assess the muscle mass in your arms and legs to determine which exercise you need more or less of. 

The InBody device also keeps a detailed record of your previous evaluations. This helps you record any changes or patterns occurring throughout your weight loss process. It also allows you to work alongside professionals to make any changes to your diet plan or exercise routines.

Candidates for InBody Treatment

Anyone who’s looking to lose weight more efficiently can benefit from an InBody complete body analysis. If you’ve been trying to lose weight without knowing any of the specific measurements of your body, an InBody report can make a significant difference. 

To confirm that you’re able to use the InBody system, schedule a consultation with an aesthetic medicine professional today.

InBody Treatment at Oklahoma Men’s Clinic

Have you been struggling to get the body you want with diet and exercise alone? You may be in need of some extra help from the InBody analysis system. InBody can obtain vital information about your body’s composition to help you lose weight more effectively. 

Oklahoma Men’s Clinic provides InBody treatment for patients in Oklahoma City, OK, and the surrounding areas. Our team of providers will work with you to design a customized weight loss plan using the reports generated by the InBody device. 

To learn more about medical weight loss and the InBody system, call us today to schedule a consultation.

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