How a Testosterone Doctor Can Improve Your Health

Low testosterone affects millions of men across the country. As you age, your body produces lower levels of sex hormones. This can lead to uncomfortable physical and mental health problems. 

If you want to revitalize your health and wellness, Oklahoma Men’s Clinic is the place to go. There are many benefits to seeing a testosterone doctor for help with the signs of aging. 

How Do You Know If You Have Low Testosterone?

Are you unsure about whether you suffer from low testosterone levels? At our male testosterone clinic, we draw your blood at your first appointment to check for hormone imbalances. This will tell us right away if your symptoms are rooted in low testosterone levels. For many middle-aged and older men, this is the case. 

There are some common symptoms men experience when their testosterone levels are low. Some of these signs and symptoms can be due to other health problems, which is why we do a thorough health evaluation before starting treatments. Below are some of the common signs of low testosterone. 

Low Sex Drive

Do you struggle to get “in the mood” with your partner? Are you trying to improve your intimate life but can’t mentally get there? You could be struggling with low libido due to low testosterone levels. 

Testosterone is the male sex hormone that boosts sexual desire and libido. Without enough of this vital hormone, you may start feeling turned off by sex. Our men’s health clinic can address this issue so you can enjoy a satisfying sex life again. 

Memory Problems

As you get older, you probably notice that your mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be. Recurring memory loss is a concerning symptom of low testosterone. 

Your brain needs optimal hormone levels to function properly. Without enough testosterone, you might struggle to remember little things daily. Testosterone replacement therapy can raise your levels to improve your mental performance. 

Low Energy

If you often feel exhausted no matter how much sleep you got the night before, you might be struggling with fatigue. This is a common symptom of low testosterone. You might struggle to make it through work or keep up with the kids as you reach middle age.

Luckily, with proper medical care, you could overcome your low energy levels. Our male health clinic will find the cause of low energy and treat it so that you can enjoy your daily activities again. 

Weight Gain

Despite living a healthy lifestyle, some men start to gain fat during middle age. This is because testosterone helps to keep your physique lean and muscular. Without enough testosterone, you will likely start to gain fat and lose muscle mass. If your workouts don’t seem to be effective anymore, it could be a sign of low sex hormone levels.

Hair Loss

If you do not have a genetic hair loss condition but are experiencing rapid hair loss, this could be due to low testosterone. 

Your hair will start to thin and bald in some spots without enough testosterone in your body. This can impact your appearance and self-image as you get older. Testosterone replacement therapy helps to combat hair loss and baldness so you can enjoy a full head of hair. 


Do you find yourself mad at the world most days? Irritable male syndrome is common in men over the age of 40 with low testosterone levels. 

Poor moods can affect your personal relationships, professional life, and mental health. By increasing your testosterone levels, we can alleviate the symptoms of irritable male syndrome. Aging doesn’t have to come with lots of anger. 

Testosterone Pellet Therapy

So what can we do at our men’s testosterone clinic to solve your low testosterone issues? We offer pellet therapy for low testosterone levels. 

Bioidentical hormone pellets release testosterone into your bloodstream at steady levels over the course of a few months. These hormones match your body’s natural hormone structure to help you gain the full benefits of this therapy. 

Your aging signs should decrease or disappear after a few weeks of testosterone replacement therapy. Our hormone pellets are about the size of a grain of rice. We implant them into your hip using a special device. You do not need surgery to get testosterone pellets placed. 

Once the pellet is in your hip, they begin to dissolve slowly. Our men’s testosterone clinic curates a specific dose of hormones based on your medical needs. Our testosterone doctor performs a comprehensive health evaluation process to make sure that we can best meet your needs with pellet therapy. 

At our male testosterone clinic, you have a voice. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, we are happy to address them. We want you to feel empowered by testosterone pellet therapy, not intimidated. Look forward to living your life again after a few weeks of pellet therapy. 

Male Testosterone Clinic in Oklahoma City, OK

If you are in or near Oklahoma City, OK, and want to take advantage of testosterone therapy, visit Oklahoma Men’s Clinic. We offer individualized treatments for the signs of male aging. Your health and wellness are our top priorities. We will strive to offer the best treatments for your male health concerns, no matter what it takes. 

We perform an initial consultation to evaluate the current state of your health, hormone levels, and physical fitness. If you are interested in meeting with us for a consultation, contact us online or call our clinic. We can’t wait to help you revitalize your physical and mental health!

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