Tips and Tricks for Men’s Weight Loss

Most men think they could lose a few pounds, some a bit more. Where can a guy start though? First, really evaluate your health. Talk to your doctor about setting realistic weight loss goals and optional plans. Would you like to focus more on burning more calories than you take in? Or eat less with changing your activity level? There can be subtle differences to different plans for weight loss. Or would you rather look to drastic lifestyle changes such as strenuous exercise regiments and strict meal prepping?

If you aren’t quite ready for an extreme activity increase, there are everyday changes you can make to incorporate healthy changes that can make a big difference. Processed foods are notoriously unhealthy due to the amounts of sodium and preservatives they contain. Better to replace these with fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Hops and barley aren’t considered whole grains, so cutting down or eliminating these grains can make a big difference on your waistline as well. Soda and other sugary beverages can add up. Try drinking tea or naturally flavored water instead. Another way to cut calories is eating smaller portions. Instead of that 96 ounce prime rib at the local steakhouse, try a smaller home-grilled lean sirloin. Eating out often can increase your intake of sodium, calories, and fats; besides greatly lowering your pocketbook. One other thing that can make a huge difference is simply eating a well-balanced breakfast.

Oklahoma Men’s Clinic has a variety of weight loss options for you such as supplements, exercise programs, and meal replacements. Ultimately, healthy, sound choices are yours to make. A more fit man is a happy, healthy man.

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