Smoking and ED in Oklahoma City & Tulsa OK

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also called impotence, can be caused by a wide range of physical and psychological factors. Among them is cigarette smoking. It’s not surprising since smoking can damage your blood vessels, and ED is often a result of poor arterial blood supply to the penis. Fortunately, if you quit smoking, your vascular health is likely to improve, as well as your sexual health and performance. In addition, our Oklahoma City and Tulsa smoking erectile dysfunction treatment specialists have years of experience working with men who are looking for a solution.

Smoking and Your Blood Vessels

You’ve probably heard a lot about the health risks of smoking. That’s because cigarette smoking can damage just about every part of your body. The chemicals in cigarette smoke injure the lining of your blood vessels and affect the way they function. Those chemicals can also harm your heart, brain, kidneys, and various other tissues throughout the body.

The risk of smoking to your erectile health is specifically due to the effects of cigarette chemicals on the blood vessels in the penis. An erection results when the arteries in the penis expand and fill with blood after receiving signals from nerves in the penis. The nerves are responding to sexual arousal signals from the brain. Even if the nervous system is operating at full strength, an erection might not be physically possible if the blood vessels are unhealthy due to smoking.

What Does the Research Show?

While ED tends to be more common as men get older, it can develop at any adult age. A 2005 study in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests that ED is not only more likely among men who smoked compared to those who never did, but that in younger men with ED, cigarette smoking is very likely the cause of their impotence.

If you are a heavy smoker, research suggests the odds of developing ED are much higher. However, quitting smoking can improve ED symptoms. Be aware that your age, the severity of your ED prior to quitting smoking, and other major health problems may reduce the degree to which healthy erectile function can return.

Can You Help Me?

While ED can be an awkward subject to discuss with your partner or your family physician Oklahoma Men’s Clinic suggests that the sooner you deal with the issue, the sooner you’ll find a solution. If you don’t have a primary care doctor, but you want to discuss ED with an Oklahoma City or Tulsa smoking erectile dysfunction specialist, make an appointment with the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic. ED is a very common health problem, so you shouldn’t feel self-conscious. At the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, our physicians will check all your medications, medical history, any surgeries or conditions you have or have had, do an ultrasound to the penis to check your blood flow consideration, provide a BMI (Body Mass Index), do a blood work up, and render you the best educated opinion of what will work best for you.  Be assured that you will get our best advice and medical recommendations.  We have over a 90% success rate when helping men with Erectile Dysfunction.



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