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Will I Benefit From HGH Therapy? YES!

Oklahoma Men’s Clinic is proud to offer you RESTORE Low Level HGH Therapy and all of the benefits it provides. There have been so many studies of human growth hormone performed over the past 30 years and they continue to demonstrate that through subcutaneous injections, human growth hormone improves energy, eliminates cellulite, increases immune function, improves sexual performance, builds muscle mass and increases fat loss, remove wrinkles, and overall decreases signs of aging. One physician who spoke to us recently at the 2015 Anti-Aging Conference, who specializes in life-extension, told us he studied 202 patients at his clinic who were treated with small daily HGH injections. He found the actual patients reported their improvement as follows: 88% Strength, Exercise & Body Fat, Muscle Strength – 84% Emotions & Memory, Energy Level – 83% Back Flexibility – 81% Exercise Tolerance – 81% Muscle Size – 78% Attitude Toward Life – 75% Sexual Function, Sexual Potency/Frequency – 73% Resistance to Common Illness – 72% Body Fat Loss – 71% Healing Capacity – 71% Skin Elasticity – 71% Skin & Hair Care, Skin Texture – 67% Emotional Stability – 62% Duration of Penile Erection – 62% Memory – 61% Healing of Other Injuries – 57% Frequency of Night time Urination – 61% Wrinkle Disappearance. As you can read below there is solid science behind these patient reported results, and at Oklahoma Men’s Clinic we hear and see the same from our patients every day. Come in and talk to a Oklahoma Men’s Clinic Physician or Provider today about HGH treatments and benefits at our Oklahoma City clinic!

Here is the Science Behind HGH Benefits

Accelerates Wound Healing
Many athletes have problems with pain in joints in ligaments. Pain can appear on the training or in the resting time and indicate that joints and ligaments are damaged and need healing. Increased collagen synthesis is also useful for joints and ligaments healing. Collagen is main body protein constitute about 30% of all body proteins. Collagen is mostly contained in joints, ligaments and bones and is responsible for their reparation. People who use our HGH treatments in Oklahoma City, notice that joints repair rapidly since the first days of use. This effect coincides with another growth hormone benefit – increasing strength, that is connected with growth hormone healing potency.

Improves Bone Density
Bone density is a measured by amount of minerals per square centimeter of bones. When the density is low, bones are fragile and easier to break. Extremely low density of bones is called “osteoporosis», however, reduced density is much more common problem and is caused by decreased collagen and osteocalcin levels. Study of Antoniazzi [3] showed that growth hormone directly increase both of these factors, thus improving bone density. This fact provides several important growth hormone benefits for sportsmen, because high-density bones are stronger than low-density and secured from bone traumas.

Improves Cardiac Functions
Many studies on humans and rats showed that Growth hormone deficient people have significantly increased risk of heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases [8]. GHD patients have adverse lipid profile, high level of BAD low-density cholesterol, risk of hypertension, increased coronary risk. Growth hormone administration experiment on rats performed by Renhui Yang [9] showed that growth hormone helps to prevent heart diseases and fight with already existing. treatment with growth hormone increased cardiac index (shows heart ability to pump blood well), stroke volume index (heart capacity to excrete blood), and left ventricular maximum (show strength of the heart).

Improves Mental Health
Several studies DEMONSTRATED THAT COGNITIVE functions are related to GROWTH HORMONE level and HGH decrease that is common for people older than 30 years. Michael Vitiello and Baker LD [13] conducted experiments to evaluate how increasing level of HGH improves cognitive functions, particularly executive function, IQ and memory. Results after 10 weeks of treatment showed significant rise in executive function (ability to concentrate, think rapidly, remember information connected with usual life), ability to memorize and solve intellectual tasks (IQ rise).

Improves Mood
Among all HGH benefits from treatments at our Oklahoma City clinic, a good mood is the most pleasant. Mood disturbance are often caused by troubles with endocrine system, particularly by the lack of thyroid hormones, lack or excess of estrogen or testosterone and low level of growth hormone. Highly interesting surveys were made by two endocrinologists – Dr. Thierry Hertoghe and Edmund Chain, which gives data about HGH benefits in psychological improvement of users. People, who were using HGH answered questions about their well-being as positive.

Improves Sleep
Improvement of sleep – one of the first perceptible HGH benefits, that appears since the first days of using growth hormone. Users report that recovery of muscular and nervous system is better. High level of HGH increases cyclic alternating pattern rate – CAP rate (percentage of NREM “deep» sleep). Main metabolic processes of recovery take place in the deep sleep phase, so its enlargement affects well both sport results and good mood.

Boosts Immunity
Many cells, which regulate our immune system, such as T-cell, NK- cells and B-cells have IGF-1 receptors and are stimulated by Growth hormone. Activation of the immune cells help body to resist illnesses and heal already existing diseases. Scientists found that main immune organ – thymus – that product T-cells atrophies in people, who have growth hormone deficiency [5]. The same process of thymus atrophy is observed during aging and coincides with decreasing level of Growth hormone. Later studies precisely prove relation between level of growth hormone and thymus function. GH was shown to revive thymus and enhance its function to produce immune T-cells. Natural killer cells that complement T-cells are also can be stimulated by HGH. This function is still active even after GH treatment. Growth hormone is able to augment immunoglobulin, thus stimulating B-cells to resist illnesses by secreting antibodies.

Increases Exercise Capacity
GH administration shows decreased breakdown of aminoacids and their better disposal and use for muscle growth, thus improving nitrogen balance and anabolism. Experiment shows, that GH reduced leucine oxidation during endurance exercises by 50% and reduce nitrogen (protein excretion) in the urine [14].

Reverses the Signs of Aging
At OMC in Oklahoma City, HGH treatment benefits are caused by increased collagen and elastin synthesis affecting skin condition, making it more elastic and clean. The skin is constructed of collagen and elastin fibers and these fibers need regular repair to keep skin healthy. Growth hormone is able to remove and smooth age wrinkles. The wrinkles appear when collagen and elastin synthesis decrease and skin dehydrate. Both of these factors are partly caused by deficiency of HGH an, thus, can be reduced by using growth hormone.

Increases Sexual Performance
Although, many HGH users report that they have better libido and sexual capacities mechanism of this effect is not clearly understood. It can be caused by mediated influence on hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles axis. It seems to be, that sexual improvement is caused by other HGH benefits influence on the whole body.

Improves Vision
Although improvement of vision, exactly night vision is noted by elderly users of HGH, younger users can feel vision benefits of HGH too. Growth hormone improves tonus of muscles that hold the lens; Prevents retina cells from degeneration; Prevents cataract and glaucoma.
Helps Restore Organs
HGH benefits make it popular in anti-aging therapy, because it prevents cell aging and death. Telomeres that indicate age of the cell are situated on the ends of chromosome. After each cell division, telomere shortens and when it becomes too short, cell loses ability to divide, ages and dies. Growth hormone protects cell from fraying, so cell doesn’t need to divide often and the organism ages slower.

Promotes Weight Loss
Increasing level of free fatty acids (FFA), thus enhancing their oxidation and using as a energy source. Conversing thyroid hormone T4 to more active T3 form, that accelerates metabolism. Accelerating RMR (resting metabolic rate) Another benefit of growth hormone – you don’t need to keep strict diet to decrease body fat, because growth hormone uses fat as energy.

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