Non Surgical Hair Restoration Therapy

NeoGraft® & PRP Therapy for Hair Loss is Here Today at Oklahoma Men’s Clinic

What Makes Us Different

At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we have a unique and revolutionary approach to hair hair loss treatment in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. We are one of the first clinics to join PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair restoration Therapy with state of the art Neograft grafting hair transplant technology. The problem with most Oklahoma City or Tulsa hair loss treatment or hair transplant companies, is they plant the follicles or strips of hair into scalp that is already not producing new follicles, or not supporting well the existing follicles. Simply put it is like you are trying to grow grass on concrete. At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we use PRP to make provide you a fertile scalp which is ready to grow hair. By taking this additional step, we ensure your new implanted hair has the best chance of growing fully. It just makes sense to fertilize your field before you plant. Considering the substantial cost of hair restoration, by using PRP, we can maximize the return on your investment.

Can you Imagine Restored Hair Without Linear Scars?



So many men say to themselves “I am balding and I am not happy about how I look, I know I have to do something about this”. The facts are that over 49 million men suffer from balding or thinning hair and are desperately seeking a solution. It is no secret that women prefer men with a full head of hair at an alarming rate of about 3 to 1 over men who are balding, and they also gauge the age of a man by the appearance of his hair. If you are experiencing hair loss or thinning and balding hair in the Oklahoma City or Tulsa areas and need a hair transplant, regrowth, or other hair loss treatment, please contact us today for a consultation. Let’s face it you deserve a full attractive hair line, and the great news is with our incredible technique, your results are so natural looking it insures your confidentiality. Therefore, these are the reasons most men prefer our hair loss treatment methods over previously traditional options:

  • It is an easier and less invasive procedure, not using staples or stitches.
  • Virtually Painless this procedure uses no scalpels or staplers.
  • Faster recovery times over other more invasive options (usually only a few days)
  • The hair line is natural-looking (no linear scar)
  • Financing is available for you through Care Credit, to make your procedure more affordable
  • We offer a Price Match Guarantee* that insures you are getting the biggest bang for your buck


Finally, A Hair Solution Like No Other

Because the NeoGraft technology is so minimally invasive it is the clear choice for achieving men’s hair restoration needs. Our Automated Transplantation procedure is leading edge state of the art rt hair transplant technology that restores the hairline by using FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) that gently harvests from the donor area (back of the head) in natural groupings of 1-4 hairs. These follicles are then artistically implanted in the balding areas, complimenting the current hairline and facial structure. This results in a natural looking and discreet hair transplant for our patients in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, or other midwest communities.

Should I do Hair Restoration without PRP?

The answer is, absolutely not! Considering that most hair restoration programs charge per hair, it only makes sense to maximize the successful growth of each hair you paid for. PRP pretreatment for hair restoration involves taking the patient’s own blood, spinning it down to extract only the platelets, leaving only platelet enriched plasma. This enriched plasma is then injected strategically into the scalp. The PRP tricks the brain into thinking the scalp is injured and triggers the immune response to begin new blood flow and restoration using essential proteins in the process of natural hair growth. Based in Oklahoma, our hair regrowth procedure is like fertilizing the field before planting the crops, and these are very expensive crops. Not only will the PRP assist the successful growth of the implanted hair follicles, but it will stimulate growth of follicles that still exist, but may lay dormant.

What is the next step?

Simply call our Oklahoma City or Tulsa specialists for hair transplant and regrowth treatment, or schedule an appointment online today, and be on your way to a full vibrant head of hair tomorrow. What do you have to lose, the appointment is free, we have a no nonsense price match guarantee*, and we are open 9-5 Monday through Friday for your convenience. So, what are you waiting for “You have nothing to lose and everything to gain”.
*Price match guarantee applies to other competitors which offer the same or similar service.



The Oklahoma Men’s Clinic Experience is specially designed to make it as easy, comfortable, and effective as possible to get the help you need to get back in the game, or get you back to being the old you! Once inside, you’ll enjoy the many concierge services and features we have added to make the experience as convenient, fun, and effective as possible, such as:

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