Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS)

Does it seem lately that you are irritated and anxious about things that used to just roll off your back? Have people commented that you’re grouchy or just downright hostile? Does the most minor situation frustrate you and make you overreact? Worst of all, are you feeling sad and dissatisfied with life in general? Did you know that men can suffer from some of the same types of issues as women when it comes to hormones?

You may be suffering from low levels of testosterone and HGH. Hormone imbalance can cause irritability in men, usually over the age of 40. Believe it or not, it has a name; Irritable Male Syndrome or IMS. The lack of testosterone or HGH causes mood swings from the inflated cortisol levels that occur with this hormone imbalance. You may even have high estrogen levels, which can induce IMS. Are you under a lot of stress or overweight, or both? You may be a prime candidate for Low T and Low HGH.

The good news is the professionals at Oklahoma Men’s Clinic in Oklahoma City can help. We have a state-of-the-art testing and evaluation process that can help our experts determine the right treatment for your specific condition. Utilizing our vitality blended testosterone replacement therapy or our RESTORE Low-Level HGH Therapy, we can restore you back to the pleasant person you used to be, or better! Contact Oklahoma Men’s Clinic today to talk to our staff about the next step to improve your mood swings!

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