Causes and Treatment of Low T

Have you been feeling a bit “off” lately? Fatigued, irritable, depressed? As a man ages, his body decreases its production of testosterone. This is a natural decline, however, it comes with symptoms that may be difficult to deal with like decrease of muscle mass, low sex drive, and erectile dysfunction. If this sounds familiar, you might be experiencing what’s called “Low T”.

While there are other possible reasons for these symptoms including medical conditions like cirrhosis of the liver or diabetes, traumatic injury, medications, or obesity; seeing a physician can rule out possible medical causes. In a standard blood test, testosterone levels are measured against what is considered a normal range for most men. What is “normal” for one man may be low for another. There is treatment available to get you back to where you want to be. Men’s health is as important to us at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic as it is to you. Our licensed and experienced physicians will examine and evaluate all your symptoms and run extensive tests to discover exactly what’s causing your symptoms. We will find the treatment options that will work best for you.

How Can “Low T” Be Treated?

There are a few different channels for treating “Low T”. Testosterone gels, for example, are applied every day in specific areas and require care to make sure that the hormone is not accidentally transferred to another person. Testosterone patches are similar to gels and are used daily. There are also pellets which are implanted every two months under the skin. Oklahoma Men’s Clinic has different treatment options including supplements, HCG, and injections depending on individual needs and causes. Contact us today at the Oklahoma Men’s Clinic to see what we can do for you to live a fuller, more vigorous life!

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