4 Reasons to Prioritize Intimacy in a Relationship

No matter how much you love your partner, intimacy may naturally begin to wane a bit over time. While losing interest in sex doesn’t necessarily mean you have lost interest in your partner, it can still feel that way to your significant other. All too often, one partner’s desire for physical intimacy may outweigh the other’s. Eventually, both partners begin to accept infrequent or nonexistent intimacy as a fact of life. However, intimacy serves an important function in a relationship, helping a couple to connect on a deeper level. Here are four reasons to prioritize intimacy in a relationship and how our men’s clinic in Oklahoma can help with male intimacy issues.

It Creates a Biological Bond

It goes without saying that sex is perhaps the most intimate connection a couple can enjoy. However, sex also creates a biological attachment between two people. During sex, our bodies release oxytocin, the so-called love chemical. If you’ve ever fallen for somebody very quickly without knowing them, this “cuddle hormone” may have been the culprit. The same chemical that pulled you into a relationship too soon in the past works as a kind of biological glue in a healthy relationship, keeping you emotionally connected to your partner.

It Gives You a Deeper Level of Communication

Sexual intimacy puts two people in the most vulnerable situation possible. At its most basic, a positive sexual experience depends on communicating consent In order for both partners to be satisfied, you have to communicate about your likes, dislikes, deepest wants, and desires and focus only on connecting with each other. For couples in long-term relationships, intimacy can offer a common thread of communication as life pulls you both in different directions.

It Shows Your Partner That You Care

There are plenty of wonderful ways to show your partner you care, and all of them are important. However, intimacy allows you and your partner to focus solely on each other. When you are sexually intimate with your partner, nothing else in the world matters but the two of you and the bond you share. For monogamous couples, sex is an act you reserve only for each other, reinforcing your commitment to one another.

It Makes You Both Healthier

Besides the immediate benefits to your relationship, sex can help keep both partners together for many years by contributing to overall health. The chemical and physical magic of sex contributes to a lower stress level. It also helps your heart stay healthy, boosts your immunity, and contributes to your overall sense of well-being. Best of all, sex can even help you live longer!

Here are a few added health benefits of sex:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower pain levels
  • Better sleep
  • Better mood

Oklahoma Men’s Clinic in Oklahoma City

If something is stopping you from prioritizing intimacy in your relationship, there’s never been a better time to take action and put your relationship front and center in your life. At Oklahoma Men’s Clinic, we can help get your connection with your partner back on track. We offer sensitive support and treatment for common men’s issues including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low testosterone, and more. Give us a call or contact us to take charge of your love life.

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