Futrex Body Mass

State of the Art Futrex Body Composition & Body Mass Index

  • Gold Standard Accuracy – Equal to hydrostatic testing and DEXA
  • Measurement via Harmless Light – No AC currents through the body
  • No Disrobing – No need to remove shoes, socks or clothing
  • Measure Any Time – Before, during or after a meal
  • Accurate Measurement of Anyone – From ages 5 through 95

Our Futrex Body Composition and Body Mass Index analyzer is state of the art and provides our providers and patients with critical information in evaluating both the selection of your weight loss program and the effectiveness of said program.

Our incredible Oklahoma City BMI testing is able to track your progress from your initial visit to our weight loss clinic for men through the entirety of your program.

Weekly charts can be seen showing the transfer of fat to muscle mass, loss of weight, and transition of fat from essential to reserve, and ultimately to Excess. The weekly reports will also show hydration and estimated bone weight.

There is a common misconception that all body fat is bad. In truth, some body fat is needed to protect the person’s health as well as supply a reservoir of energy for performing various body functions. To better understand this, the total weight of body fat can be subdivided into three separate categories:

  • Weight of “Essential Body Fat” – This amount of body fat is needed to protect the body from infectious diseases and to protect the internal organs from bruising damage.
  • Weight of “Reserve Body Fat” – This additional body fat that does not cause any medical risks, and provides a reservoir of “fuel” for use by the body.
  • Weight of “Excess Body Fat” – The amount of body fat that is over and above the combination of Essential Body Fat plus Reserve Body Fat. Excess Body Fat causes the risk of serious health problems such as strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and certain forms of cancer.

Essential Body Fat

The Futrex Body Composition Analyzer was created with the input of approximately thirty medical professionals who specialize in the impact of body fat on human health. During these interviews, Futrex asked these professionals to provide their opinion on a minimum percent body fat needed to remain healthy. The following results reflect their responses:

Note: The minimum percent body fat is higher for females than for males because of reproduction needs as well as other bodily functions.

It was the opinion of these medical professionals that any body fat percentages lower than those listed above would put the body at risk for bacterial and viral diseases, while failing to provide the body with insulation against temperature extremes and protection for the internal organs against bruising.

Essential Body Fat can be stored by the body in two different ways:

  • Directly under the skin–called subcutaneous fat. This fat layer provides thermal protection and bruise protection.
  • Inside the muscle itself–called intramuscular fat. This is similar to the thin layers of fat you see within meat when you buy a well trimmed steak from a butcher. This fat provides an emergency “fuel” source for the total body and “cushions” (i.e., protects) the vital organs from shock forces.

Reserve Body Fat

There are many studies that reinforce the idea of “minimum body fat levels” that can be achieved before one is at risk for health problems. Many of these studies were performed at the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas, and by the National Institute of Health’s Framingham Studies.

These studies largely agree that the maximum amount of allowable Reserve Body Fat depends on a person’s height, age, and gender. This is why our Oklahoma City BMI testing makes sure to measure such things with the help of Futrex.

Excess Body Fat

So what happens when your fat levels are far in excess of those needed to protect the body and fuel its basic functions? The answer is weight gain, and ultimately, obesity. Research conducted by the NIH research shows that not only are health risks associated with Excess Body Fat, but the level of risk increases with the body fat percentage.

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